House Story

For the prior owner of this North Carolina Modernist home, Eichler style was a major inspiration for this renovation project. Joseph Amory has been passionate about mid-century modern homes and furniture for years. It was a dream of his to take on a renovation project and save a midcentury modern home in the Triangle area – and now here we have it!

north carolina modernist home

The goals for the project were to save and renew an original mid-century modern home in the Raleigh/Triangle area by creating a modern living space utilizing all of the concepts of 1950s modernism with an updated living space appropriate for today. Amory wanted the first impression of the house to feel like it could all possibly be original but meeting the expectations of a modern home. He aimed to keep and honor the classics, but consider what design innovations and technologies we have today that would have been appealing to original mid-century modern architects.

Amory purchased the house from an estate sale in 2014 from the family that built the dwelling. He then spent over a year planning the project with the architects (including completing a lot of the gutting of the house himself) and the project was completed in fall of 2016. He used all of the furniture he had personally collected over several years to furnish the space, incorporating new original architectural furniture pieces (from Knoll, Herman Miller, etc.), along with several original antique pieces, as well as select newer contemporary furniture to complete the space.